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Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts and Blockchain technology dramatically reduces transactional waste.

Industry Collaboration

Collaborate across industry boundaries – include developers, engineers, contractors, suppliers...

Commercial Environment

Reducing transactional waste improves the returns for investors, owners, and other stakeholders in a project.

Leverage Current Systems

Existing data management systems and payment methods are integrated into smart automation solutions.

Capital Projects

95% of capital projects fail to meet one or more business objectives.
Almost 70% of projects exceed planned budgets or miss completion dates by greater than 10%.
Around 40% of a project’s Total Installed Cost (TIC) is transactional waste.
Implementing blockchain-powered Smart Contracts dramatically reduces transactional waste.

Top 5 Benefits of Smart Contracts

for Project Owners

for Providers

Why PrairieDog?

Save Money, Improve Speed, Increase Profit

PrairieDog’s innovative transactional platform is transforming the global construction industry with blockchain-powered Smart Contracts. This solution crushes transactional waste to deliver immediate value through better stakeholder collaboration across industry boundaries. The resulting improvements in efficiency, trust and alignment build better and more effective partnerships with leading organizations and associations.

Transformation Starts Here!

Enabling Technologies

Blockchain-driven Smart Contracts and big data applications improve transparency and collaboration, driving positive change across the capital projects landscape. Streamlined data flow and business transactions eliminate significant project and portfolio waste by providing stakeholders with easy, shared access to single source.

Stakeholder Rearrangement

Flattening the capital project supply chain as in shipbuilding and aerospace enables different stakeholder risk pooling and monetization solutions.
Disaggregating contractual responsibilities and achieving optimized collaboration underpinned by risk transparency and greater trust are key to this transition.

Optimized Commercial Environment

  • Reduced transactional waste, improving returns for all capital project stakeholders
  • Substantially lower initial and operating facility expenses
  • Substantially increased margins for asset creators
  • Value creation through new and revitalized capital assets
  • Increased project-wide cash-flow velocity and reduced overhead costs

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